Leprosorium Grooves 9



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    1. Bisamråtta - Norge
    2. Inversia - lo_ol
    3. piwikiwi - Night Drone
    4. Prebore - Deep In Transit
    5. Indu Mezu - Diving Deep...
    6. I.M.C. - Shop
    7. энергия* - LET"S ТЭЦ part I
    8. Ilya Orange - Borealis
    9. 2engineers - Paleh
  • Description

    A B O U T :

    The renowned Imperial Label Leprosorium Grooves in collaboration with farfromthere records presents the most talented ambient musicians from the Colony of the Leprous. We are truly grateful to everyone who contributed their tracks.

    R E L E A S E   D E T A I L S :

    Type: Compilation
    Genre: Ambient
    Format: Digital
    Date: December 25, 2016

    M E T A D A T A :

    Catalogue: fft003
    Publisher: Leprosorium Grooves, farfromthere records ltd.
    Barcode: 5054960 212138

    C R E D I T S :

    Mastering: farfromthere
    Cover: Anton Pokrovsky

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