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    1. Skaz
    2. Escape
    3. Resistance
    4. Perpetuus
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    A B O U T :

    Ptakh is a DJ and producer hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. His music productions are inspired by the best techno music; with a very distinctive “big tone” that is typical of the most iconic sound of the genre. It’s all about tight low end, lush atmospheres, striking melodies and amazing hooks. S.E.R.P featuring some of his most ambitiously productions keeping his personal and unique sound.

    R E L E A S E   D E T A I L S :

    Type: EP
    Genre: Techno
    Format: mp3, flac, alac, aiff, wav
    Date: Jan 1, 2017

    M E T A D A T A :

    Catalogue: fft004
    Publisher: farfromthere records ltd.
    Barcode: 5054960 213685

    C R E D I T S :

    Produced by: Anton Dehtiarov
    Mastering: farfromthere audio
    Cover: Anton Pokrovsky

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