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    A B O U T :

    Those who love deep, ambient and dubwise beats will be definitely thrilled with this thoughtful record. The melodic fragments and rhythmic components are full of deep “shamanic” feelings, while dubby echoes and waves ebb and flow. Ilya Orange brings an excellent portion of sound to farfromthere records collection.

    R E L E A S E    I N F O :

    Type: Single
    Genre: Dub Techno
    Format: mp3, flac, alac, aiff, wav, NI stems
    Date: Feb 24, 2017 

    M E T A D A T A :

    Catalogue: fft005
    Publisher: farfromthere records ltd.
    Barcode: 5054960 249585

    C R E D I T S :

    Produced by: Ilya Orange
    Mastering: farfromthere audio

    Cover: Anton Pokrovsky

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