Ptaak / Drifts


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    1. Mushroom's Voice
    2. Fresh Air
    3. Hysterical Part

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    A B O U T :

    Ptaak’s debut release “Drifts” is a three tracks EP of a pure techno. There are no melodies here, just an inhabitant landscape, built from low kicks, deep bass and shiny percussions weaved into each other creating a feeling of constant movement. Despite the strict rhythm the sound doesn’t taste digital, instead it’s perceived rather as something mechanical. Imagine a steampunk style brass crickets in a place where there are neither a bottom nor a top. Inspired by south European techno figures such as Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero and sound of Berghain’s residents “Drifts” is a journey through space, time, and sound. Transitions from state to state. A set of impressions.

    D E T A I L S :

    Type: EP
    Genre: Techno
    Date: April 19, 2017

    M E T A D A T A :

    Catalogue: fft008
    Barcode: 5054960 289628

    C R E D I T S :

    Produced by: Yurii Buldymenko
    Mastering: farfromthere
    Cover: Anton Pokrovsky

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